Stargazer Dobermans​​​​
                     Breeder Kimberly Jones 
Check out the pups in New pup page they are all huge and healtrhy doing very well'
I'm so excited about this litter

The entire website has been updated read front to back 


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Wichita, Ks  landline 
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you can also look us up on 67149
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Kimberly K Mann Jones

Theirs a huge difference between a back yard breeder who breeds for the money knows everything about pedigrees but has to call the Vet for everything about the animals in their care they live in a residential area. Once their done breeding back to back or using their Sires to where they have no sperm count left they just get rid of them like they never mattered.  Due to the very thing they should be researching is how to take care of the animals in their care. Be it  Dogs Cats,horses ect.  that's why I have studied The Merck Vet manual since my father gave me the very first copy dated 1955 when I was just 9 years old.  I now have Eddition Seventh
I bought  a copy of a book called 
The Veterinary Guide for animal lovers way back in 1976.
I know it cover to cover those dogs of mine threw out all these years are buired here on my place they always have their forever home right here 
They are a true Part of my family. 
Contact me for a puppy contract and I will send it to
you. Via E-mail